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Play sand castle set

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AGE 5+   "3-pound sand set: children will have loads of fun creating shapes and making sand castles. This set comes with 3 pounds of non-toxic sand in pink, green, orange and blue colors that sticks and molds only to itself to provide enjoyment without any mess. Over 10 molds: make shapes using the included plastic molds to easily create buildings, sand castles, pyramids and anything else your heart’s desire. The sand clings together and holds its shape to create beautiful works of art every time. Developmental toy: as children manipulate the sand and make their own creations, this little chubby one play sand castle set provides tactile and sensory stimulation while helping to develop fine motor skills and encourage creativity. High-quality tray: to enhance the fun, the sand set comes with a beautifully designed insert of a sand landscape which is expertly constructed of thick cardboard material to prevent ripping or tearing during play.