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Our Story


Backwards Saddle Boutique LLC began as an idea in November of 2016 (WOW - it has went by fast)! I was working out of town in Elizabethtown, KY for work (I have a bachelors degree in Engineering and Mathematics) and I stopped by a small boutique in the town square. I walked around shopping and racking my brain to find a new career. Before leaving, I spoke with the owner about her business and how she left her previous employment, "owning your future" and "doing the things you love". It spoke to me and made me much more serious about making a change and doing something I love. I was also just married and knew children would be next, and I wanted to spend more time with my husband and future children when they’re young. Also looking back, I had always wanted to be my own boss and liked the ideas of being an entrepreneur. And after my visit, I had decided to be serious and to start a boutique in our small town.

We began our journey as "Heart of Kentucky Boutique LLC" and operated under that name until summer of 2017 when we changed our name to Backwards Saddle Boutique LLC. I’ve never been a girlie-girl or kept up with the latest trends but I do love feeling pretty, being confident and helping others do the same. I guess you could say I’m a little “backwards” when it comes to it. We own horses of our own and riding is one of my favorite hobbies. So when I was trying to find a name, Backwards Saddle seemed to fit.

We opened our original in-store location at our house in a "tiny house" building in Dec. 2016. In November 2018, I was able to leave my public full-time job to run my boutique and stay with my son full-time. I am so blessed to have the opportunity and continue to do so. And in September of 2019 our renovation of an abandoned building in downtown Owenton was completed - another huge blessing. We moved out of our tiny-house and into the new location. Our online providers and in-store carriers changed, updated and improved. Our products continue to get better, our service improves, our uniqueness is still unmatched and we have big dreams still to accomplish. I hope to continue growing in this new location while keeping the same roots. With new arrivals weekly - we've always got something new! We are devoted to carrying unique items for women and men in sizes Small - 3XL. "Country living" is part of who we are, our community and passion, so our home decor reflects just that. We create some of our own designs on a vinyl machine and hope to get more ideas put out soon (we just have to find that extra hour each day).

I truly appreciate every customer. From sharing us with your family and friends, to purchases, to friendships and support. I thank God, my family and my friends for allowing me to fulfill my dreams and raise my children at my side daily!