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Our Story

Backwards Saddle Boutique LLC began in November of 2016 (WOW - it went by fast)! I was working out of town in Elizabethtown, KY for work and stopped by a small boutique in the town square. I spoke with the owner and spent an hour or so talking about "owning your future" and "doing the things you love". For some reason it spoke to me, probably because I wasn't enjoying the job I had at the time and had been looking for other opportunities. But looking back, I had always wanted to be my own boss and liked the ideas of being an entrepreneur. I had this brilliant idea to start a boutique in our small town. At the time, there were none and no specialized stores to buy new clothing, accessories and gifts.

Things moved fast and within a week of this idea, I got all our business licensing together and began building our website. We began our journey as "Heart of Kentucky Boutique LLC" and operated under that name until summer of 2017 when we changed to Backwards Saddle Boutique LLC. The name change was difficult due to finding unique names, something that represented us, something unused and fun! We own horses of our own and riding is one of my favorite hobbies so Backwards Saddle was founded and coined with the phrase "Just riding through life with a different view". Our mark is now a trademark and becoming a staple addition in many households.

We are currently still in our "tiny house" building - but it sure has changed since we first opened. Our online providers and in-store carriers have changed, updated and improved. Our products have gotten better, our service has improved, our uniqueness is still unmatched and we have big dreams still to accomplish. With new arrivals weekly - we've always got something new! We are devoted to carrying unique items for women and men in sizes Small - 3XL. "Country living" is part of who we are, our community and passion, so our home decor reflects just that. We create some of our own designs on a vinyl machine and hope to get more ideas put out soon (we just have to find that extra hour each day).

Within the next 2 years we will have a new building with more room for our goodies (currently we carry ~5,000 items) and expand our in-house creations! BUT until then we hope you will find something unique and adorable with us! Thank you for helping make my dreams come true :)