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34oz Keepers of the Light Candle

Double wicked candle. KNEW True to Life Fragrances will fill the air and warm your heart all at the same time! (34oz. 155 hr. burn time). Comes in Primitive black lids with homespun ribbon "

"3 Sheets to the Wind fragrance smells like a fresh and clean blend of lilacs, magnolias, and rose petals intermingled with juicy peach and warm amber musk."

"Bonfire By the Lake fragrance consists of a spice blend of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove with smoky notes."

"Cashmere fragrance consists of a woody vanilla blend with floral and citrus notes."

"Cherry Blossom fragrance consists of jasmine, and tea, with a splash of apple, peach, and orange."

"CORAL REEF"  Escape & discover exotic orchids, fresh grape fruit & Soft driftwood in an underwater paradise."  

"Country Morning scented candle smells like rich coffee and cream layered with spicy nutmeg and sweet caramel maple cinnamon."

"Creamy Vanilla scented candle has the rich fragrances of vanilla and sweet creamscented candle has the rich fragrances of vanilla and sweet cream."

"Crisp Cotton fragrance consists of a delightfully fresh clean aroma.

Evenings on the Porch scented candle smells like hazelnut coffee swirled with creamy maple and spicy cinnamon clove, with a hint of sweet vanilla sugar.

Farm House Memories scented candle consists of a spicy blend of fresh cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, layered in tonka and va

"Hide Tide fragrance smells like sea salt dew drops sprinkled on jasmine and lily petals with enticing woodsy notes."

"Honeysuckle Vanilla fragrance consists of a sweet honeysuckle warmed with vanilla with a top note of sweet apples and citrus.

"Island Breeze fragrance consists of tropical banana leaf, green pineapple and coconut coupled with Hyacinth and lemongrass with a touch of sea salt and creamy tonka.

"Lilacs in Bloom fragrance consists of flowering lilacs, violet leaves, muguet, iris, sandalwood & heliotrope."

"Mango Tango fragrance consists of the tropical scent of fresh sweet, ripe mangos."

"Moonlit Walk An intoxicating scent of soft rain, jasmine, violets, and hyacinth, with hints of sandalwood and vetiver.

"Vanilla Bourbon fragrance consists of Enticing blend of creamy vanilla and smooth bourbon.

"VERY BERRY BECKAH BOO frangrance consists of a juicy mixture of fresh berries."

Whiskey Barrel scented candle smells like brandied berries muddled in smoky, scotch whiskey garnished with tobacco cloves aged in oak barrels.

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