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Dino Plush Buckle Square

Sensory buckle pillow: equipped with six straps that attach with a variety of clasp buckles, little chubby one’s sensory dinosaur square buckle pillow will keep little hands busy. Undo the buckles to find numbered flaps with dinosaur friends underneath. Developmental toy: this sensory square buckle pillow provides tactile and sensory stimulation while helping to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination when children attach the buckles to the vibrantly colored straps. Learning tool: besides the buckle straps, this interactive toy is outfitted with five square flaps embroidered with numerals 1-5 to encourage counting and early math skills. Lift up the flaps to find embroidered dinosaurs underneath each one. Portable design: keep your child engaged at home, in the car, on a plane, while running errands, and when you’re away. Lightweight and portable, the sensory square buckle pillow is perfectly sized for little hands to hold and carry.

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