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Full-Time Goals

August 09, 2018

As many of you know, BSB is not my only "job". I started this business while working full time as an engineering specialist. I had and still have a goal for this to be my full time "job". I quote job because its more of my hobby; its fun, I enjoy doing it and its more enjoyable work rather than the work I do now. I've since changed jobs from the engineering firm to a state worker. (I am very thankful for each of these opportunities and the growth, friendships and financial stability they have provided me). All the while still juggling BSB, family and a social life. Since I've had my son I've really wanted to stay home with him and make BSB my main focus and "job". 

So, in the last month I have seriously considered this option, taking the leap of faith and making BSB my full time employment. Being able to raise my son and see all his "firsts" first-hand. I am sure this dream will become a reality very soon :) And that means BSB will be open in store more often, the website more updated, more new goodies and helping me with my dreams as a entrepreneur, mother and wife. Thanks to you, we have reached so many new people from all over the US. We still have big goals to accomplish and more people to reach - but Rome wasn't built in a day. If you follow us on Facebook, you can check out our video that shows we have now shipped to 10 states in the US; only 40 to go :)   

I'm sure this seems so random to blog about; however, it directly affects our much appreciated and valued customers. We are excited about this opportunity and hope that you will continue being so awesome in helping BSB and dreams grow! Updates will be happening soon. 

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